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'This piece is already one of Sean O'Loughlin's most successful, and it is now available in our new series of pieces with flexible instrumentation. It can be performed with as few as five players and percussion. This bold and aggressive piece will make any band sound good and with the five-part set-up of the scoring, you can overcome any instrumentation deficiencies. Check out the full recording, but also sample the excerpted recording that gives you an idea of how good this piece can sound, even with a very small ensemble.

Part 1 - Flute, Clarinet in Bb - Trumpet in Bb, Violin, Part 2 - Clarinet in Bb - Trumpet in Bb, Alto Saxophone in Eb, Oboe/ Violin, Part 3 - Clarinet in Bb - Tenor Saxophone in Bb, Alto Saxophone in Eb, Horn in F, Violin, Viola, Part 4 - Tenor Saxophone in Bb - Euphonium T.C. in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone - Euphonium - Bassoon - Cello, Part 5 - Bass Clarinet in Bb - Euphonium T.C. in Bb, Trombone - Euphonium - Bassoon - Cello, Baritone Saxophone in Eb, Tuba - Bass, Mallet Percussion - Chimes, Bells, Timpani, Percussion 1 - Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Percussion 2 - Crash Cymbals, Low Tom, Tam-tam, Triangle, Tambourine, 0 0

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